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NYH AG is a production and process-orientated company engaged in the elastomers, plastics and hard rubber sectors.
The core area of expertise consists in the selection and development of elastomers and thermoplastics and their hybrid solutions, as well as in their treatment and processing as moulded goods and semi-finished products.

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Our products perform their individual functions the world over in the most diverse industries, including:


mechanical engineering

automotive industry

musical instrument engineering


In addition to the manufacture of functional components, visible parts and steering components for the automotive industry, NYH AG produces small-scale and large-scale batches of the most diverse thermoplastic items for mechanical engineering and aviation.

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NYH AG manufactures geometrically complex fuel, oil and air pipes and impulse hoses, as well as intake and exhaust manifolds and seals and vibration dampers for use in engine production and mechanical engineering that are made from EPDM, FKM and NBR; being temperature-resistant and media-resistant, they are able to meet the constantly increasing demands of industry.

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Hard rubber

NYH AG is the world leader in the production of hard rubber products, such as plain and marbled hard rubber rods, bassoon reeds and mouthpieces for clarinets, saxophones and pipes, as well as items for use in industry, using specially developed natural rubber compounds.

NYH's hard rubber dust is also offered for direct sale on the market in the most diverse variants.

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Hercules Sägemann

NYH employs artisanal methods to produce high-quality hair care implements for the hairdressing trade, these being known the world over under the Hercules Sägemann brand.  

NYH is the world leader in the professional hair care implements segment.

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