Every year, our machines process some 180 tonnes of various elastomer compounds, from natural rubber compounds to high-performance, fluoropolymer-based elastomers. We produce geometrically complex fuel, oil and air pipes and impulse hoses, as well as intake and exhaust manifolds, for use in engine production and mechanical engineering on behalf of our partners.   

NYH AG has been extending support and dispensing advice to its partners in the development of geometrically complex elastomer components, for instance those with undercut inner and free-form contours. Our customers are offered expert advice from the prototyping phase through to small-scale or large-scale batch production. Our rich experience and the deployment of modular tools manufactured in-house enable us to offer our customers a collaborative alliance that is both attractive and forward-looking.

Processing of the most diverse rubber compounds

Media-bearing tubes and hoses, seals and damping elements

Small-scale and large-scale
batch production

Modular tooling concepts /
in-house tool-making

Project support from the prototyping phase to SOP/EOP

Burr-free parts owing to ice-blast de-burring technology