Hard rubber

Musical instrument engineering:

To meet the demands of the sophisticated music market, NYH AG manufactures mouthpieces for the clarinet and saxophone, and bassoon reeds, using its ebonite compound.

The exclusive use of only high-grade raw materials does not only result in excellent sound quality being achieved; the moulded items and semi-finished products also demonstrate high resistance to aggressive media. 

Because of its unique properties, such as polishability, shine and colour depth, ebonite, produced using state-of-the-art manufacturing methods, is an alternative in technological and economic terms to thermoplastic and thermoset materials in the manufacture of semi-finished products and moulded items. 


Ebonite is a material for demanding technical applications, such as precision components for volume measurement systems, pump and tank linings, pistons, spinnerets and semi-finished products used in the manufacture of technical items by means of cutting processes.
Because of the extraordinarily high resistance to acids and alkalis, ebonite moulded components are used in chemical-intensive processes.


NYH AG's ebonite dust is a high-grade raw material derived from natural rubber, linseed oil and sulphur. Only the best, contaminant-free grades of raw materials available on the market are used.

 NYH ebonite dust is manufactured using a unique friction-grinding process. Only in this way is the angular grain structure with the highest specific surface area achieved.  In conjunction with free sulphur compounds, this brings about the optimal mechanical and chemical interlinking with the rubber matrix.

Clarinet and
saxophone mouthpieces

Various types of
hard rubber rods


Pronounced resistance against
acids and alkalis

High quality standards through continuous quality control

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