As a tier 1 supplier for the automotive industry, for over 15 years, NYH AG has been engaged in the fully automated manufacture of plastic overmouldings of aluminium and metal hybrids for steering components and damping systems in the premium segment. Our components meet the highest requirements in this area in terms of safety and comfort, and are used in mid-range and luxury vehicles the world over.

Die NYH AG, an attractive partner

Alongside complex process developments, by deploying modular tools manufactured in-house, we offer our customers an attractive portfolio – from the development and prototyping phase through to the serial production of thermoplastic components.

Furthermore, we process virtually all types of plastic using the conventional injection moulding process, including hybrids incorporating elastomers, metal and textiles.

Overmoulding of
metal hybrids

Functional components

Small-scale and large-scale
batch production

Modular tooling concepts

Project support from the prototyping phase to SOP/EOP

In-house tool-making for maintenance and new-builds